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The Coalition both identifies and produces articles about lead poisoning that may be of interest to a variety of audiences.  This list will be updated regularly.  If you know of an article that you think would be of interest, please send it to: with a brief description.

bulletThe Center for Governmental Research (CGR)  was commissioned by Monroe County Health Department to conduct a study of lead poisoning in Monroe County in 2000.

Lead Poisoning Among Young Children in Monroe County:   A Needs Assessment, Projection Model, and Next Steps 


2 Analyses presented to the coalition by Katrina Smith-Korfmacher, PhD of the  Environmental Health Sciences Center of the U of Rochester.
bulletLong Term Costs of Lead Poisoning: How much can we save by stopping lead?
bulletAnalysis of dust wipe sampling in 1998-2001 Monroe County HUD grant.

Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning 

Committed to ending childhood lead poisoning in Monroe County by 2010

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