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How do I protect my kids?

bulletThink about all possible sources of lead in your child's environment.
bulletDust from deteriorating lead based paint (most common source).
bulletSoil contaminated by exterior paint or left over leaded gas emissions.
bulletOccupational exposures
bulletHobby exposures
bulletOther Sources: Cosmetic, certain imported ethnic foods
bulletMinimize your children's exposure to paint and dust:
bulletWash hands well before every meal, and frequently during the day.
bulletWash all toys that the child may put in their mouth daily, and if dropped on the floor.
bulletWet mop all surfaces that the child may come into contact with at least 3 times a week.
bulletUse a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA Filter.
bulletTake off shoes on entering the house.
bulletPay attention to good nutrition:
bulletFeed your children a diet high in calcium and iron. Iron and Calcium deficiencies increase lead absorption greatly.
bulletDon't skip meals. Far more of any lead dust ingested is absorbed on an empty stomach.
bulletScreen your children:
bulletNY State law requires all children to be screened at 12 and 24 months
bulletIf you live in high risk housing, talk with your health care provider about screening every 6 months.
bulletWhile the 1991 CDC Guidelines list 10micrograms/dL as the level of concern, there is increasing evidence that children's levels less than 5 micrograms/dL, and the lower the better.
bulletIf lead paint is disturbed during renovation, it can release extremely dangerous levels of leaded dust. Be whoever is doing 

Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning 

Committed to ending childhood lead poisoning in Monroe County by 2010

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