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What You Can Do

Health care providers have a unique opportunity to help prevent lead poisoning by helping their patients identify risks and ensuring that blood lead level screening is done when appropriate.

bulletProviders of Prenatal Care:

NY State law requires providing of anticipatory guidance to all pregnant women about how to keep themselves and their child safe from lead poisoning.


NY State law requires doing a risk assessment of all women, and if any risk identified, to screen with a blood lead level.

bulletProviders of Well Child Care:
bulletProvide anticipatory guidance to parents:
bulletWarn of the risks;
bulletEducate about identifying and remedying hazards before a child gets poisoned.

Educate about dust control measures.

bulletScreen children 
bulletRoutinely at 12 and 24 months of age.

Consider every 6 months in high risk populations.

bulletConsider charting lead levels over time (like growth charts).
bulletDownload here: MS Excel Child Lead Grapher

Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning 

Committed to ending childhood lead poisoning in Monroe County by 2010

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