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The Toxic Effects of Lead Have Long Been Known

They were well described by the ancient Greeks and Romans and by others over time.  U.S. public health officials warned in the 1920s that a chronic public health problem would result from the addition of lead to gasoline .they were right.


  Lead poisoning causes irreversible damage to the developing brains of very young children, which impacts cognitive function, behavior control, and lifetime health.


  Blood lead levels previously considered acceptable (below 10 mg/dL) are now known to cause the loss of an average of 7 IQ points; as exposure increases to 20 mg/dL another 4 points are lost.  Loss of IQ will significantly reduce the lifetime earnings of poisoned children.


Youth who were severely lead poisoned as babies are 7 times more likely to drop out of high school and nearly 6 times more likely to have a reading disability


Many lead poisoned children suffer poor impulse control and aggressiveness.  Between 11% and 37% of arrested juvenile delinquents are attributable directly to the lead poisoning they suffered as babies.


Adults who were poisoned as children suffer increased osteoporosis, kidney damage, and hypertension.

Over 1200 Monroe County children are lead poisoned each year

There is no cure.  Lead poisoning must be PREVENTED.

Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning 

Committed to ending childhood lead poisoning in Monroe County by 2010

For more information, contact:  pbrantingham@leadsafeby2010.org