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Following are many of the foundation documents about lead poisoning, its causes, consequences, and costs:

Overviews of Lead Poisoning

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Lead's Effect on  IQ

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Lead's Effect on Kid's Classroom Performance

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Lead's Effect on Juvenile Delinquency & Adult Criminality

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Lead's Effect on Kid's Brain Development

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Lead's Effect on Overall Child Development

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Lead during pregnancy

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Lead and Lactation

bulletMartha María Téllez-Rojo, Mauricio Hernández-Avila, Teresa González-Cossío, Isabelle Romieu, Antonio Aro, Eduardo Palazuelos, Joel Schwartz, and Howard Hu. Impact of Breastfeeding on the Mobilization of Lead from Bone Am J Epidemiol 2002;155:420-428.

Lead in Bone- A Measure of Cumulative Exposure, & Endogenous Source of Continued Poisoning

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Lead's Contribution to Dental Caries

bulletMoss ME. Lanphear BP. Auinger P. Association of dental caries and blood lead levels [see comments]. JAMA. 281(24):2294-8, 1999 Jun 23-30.

Costs to Society of Continued Childhood Lead Poisoning

bulletMuir T, Zegarac M. Societal costs of exposure to toxic substances: Economic and health costs of four case studies that are candidates for environmental causation. Environ Health Perspect 2001; 109(suppl 6):885-903. (Full Text: PDF: ) Pub Med ID: 11744507
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Interventions- Screening and Environmental Interventions

bulletMarkowitz M. Rosen JF. Clemente I. Clinician follow-up of children screened for lead poisoning. American Journal of Public Health. 89(7):1088-90, 1999 Jul.

Interventions- Dust Control

bulletLanphear BP. Howard C. Eberly S. Auinger P. Kolassa J. Weitzman M. Schaffer SJ. Alexander K. Primary prevention of childhood lead exposure: A randomized trial of dust control. Pediatrics. 103(4 Pt 1):772-7, 1999 Apr.

Interventions- Housing\ Lead-Based Paint Abatement

bulletFarfel MR, Chisolm JJ Jr, Rohde CA. The longer-term effectiveness of residential lead paint abatement. Environ Res. 1994;66:217-221.




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